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A Great Leader Is...

"Great leaders understand that there are various leadership styles which people respond to differently. Some people are inspired by positive affirmations or words of encouragement, others may respond better to tough love. It’s all about knowing what style is appropriate for each situation and being flexible that way."

I am a triathlete! You can usually find me swimming, biking and running by the lake.

—  My Cool Factor  —  

My very first competitive dance teacher who taught us for 10+ years. She taught us from the ripe age of 6 that hard work gets results and nothing good comes easy. 

Like many people, completing my undergrad has been my biggest achievement thus far.

The first thing I lead was kayaking and high ropes courses at camp. I worked as a camp counsellor for 3 years at an all girls camp in northern Ontario, in which I previous attended for 7 years. I started working at age 16. Being in charge of a cabin of 8 girls, you’re a leader 24/7 as you’re their role model while they’re at camp.

I believe people are born with leadership qualities and their life experiences strengthen and uncover those qualities. People develop their leadership skills overtime. 

Recruitment combines two aspects of work of which I love, fast paced environments and helping people.

I attended Wilfrid Laurier University for Environmental Studies and Geography.

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