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Three Recruitment Trends that Will Dominate 2019

The way human resources (HR) professionals approach executive recruiting continues to evolve. Traditional methods no longer attract the top talent needed for employers to build a successful leadership team. In the new year, recruiters must continue to think outside the box while incorporating more strategic methods into their hiring efforts.

We spoke to Jamie Hoobanoff, founder and chief executive officer of The Leadership Agency, a recruitment firm that helps companies hire the best leadership talent, to understand the top recruitment trends of 2019.

By Pooja Singh,, January 16, 2019

Put the Candidates First

In a market that is currently 90 percent candidate driven, the decision-making power is now in the hands of the talent. Creating a positive candidate experience is of utmost importance and will yield better prepared candidates, referrals of other talent, and positive exposure for your company and brand.

Beef Up Your Marketing

Organizations should use stronger recruitment marketing tactics to attract and retain top senior-level talent in 2019. Communicating the company’s unique value proposition creates a stronger employment brand, which is vital in attracting and retaining talent.

Your recruiting strategy and job postings should align with how job seekers are searching for roles. Your strategy should be mobile friendly, as this medium is highly-used during job searching. Diversity is also essential and should be ingrained into your hiring practices. Diverse teams are also more productive, innovative, and engaged in the work of the company.

Streamline the Interview Process

Use data and technology like artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline hiring efforts s as your approach to the interviewing process continues to evolve. Incorporating data and AI into the recruitment process enables hiring managers to make a more informed decision while also automating the process. Eliminate bias by asking specific questions, and creating assignments and assessments for candidates to gain insight into their communication, presentation, and social abilities.

As candidates become more and more savvy, so should the ways we recruit them. Incorporating these tips can lead to stronger, more qualified candidates who will make a seamless transition into your company culture, and give recruiters more opportunity to build relationships with the future leaders of your business.


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