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Get Ready, New York. The Leadership Agency is Coming Your Way!

NEW YORK – November 8, 2018 - When your clients say, “We wish you were in New York!” what do you do? You move to New York!

After making waves in the Toronto tech and start-up space, The Leadership Agency is expanding and bringing its disruptive recruitment model to the US market by establishing a hub in the Big Apple.

For those asking why, here are some answers.

Why Us?

The Leadership Agency works exclusively with start-ups and aims to make a lasting impact on businesses. But we do it differently.

Since we started, we have changed the perception of recruitment. We constantly challenge ourselves as a business to strive for improvement, to better serve our clients, and to make impactful changes to the industry.

We have an undeniable commitment to diversity, inclusion, and pushing boundaries. Simply put, we’ve made it our mission to disrupt the status quo!

But we also know that our niche services of Sales and Executive recruitment can’t be focused in one individual market. To that end, we have placed award winning leaders and sales professionals in major cities across North America to help build the most impressive companies of our generation. In fact, in our first year we have worked with global and Canadian companies to build their entire North American teams, and support their expansion into the U.S.

So it’s no surprise that when looking to establish a U.S. hub, New York has always been top of mind for our Founder and CEO, Jamie Hoobanoff.

Why Now?

Toronto is ranked as one of the world’s leading tech and innovation hubs. The Leadership Agency was born in this city and has achieved outstanding success working with the Canadian start-up community.

But as a young and disruptive Toronto-based company (and like the start-ups we work with), we also recognize the importance of business expansion beyond national borders.

As a Canadian business with a vision to become a player on the global stage, we knew that we had to first conquer our immediate and locally surrounding markets before expanding to elsewhere. And now, with an incredibly successful first year behind us, the timing couldn’t be better.

In a New York State of Mind…

There are plenty of tech and start-up hubs across the U.S. But New York stands out against the competition. It offers the perfect combination of talent, capital, and investment, making it a rival to Silicon Valley and other busy tech pockets in California.

Investors, founders, and even employees emphasize the various reasons why the country’s largest city has become such a unique ecosystem for tech start-ups. The presence of other industries such as finance and media creates a more balanced, yet diverse centre to drive innovation, creativity, and funding.

New York is home to hundreds of innovative and disruptive start-ups. New York’s tech sector is the fastest growing component of the city’s economy. More than 100 tech start-ups have crossed the billion-dollar threshold, making their mark as white-hot companies within this sector.

New York has also demonstrated its commitment to challenging the status quo with start-ups flourishing and feeding off its heterogeneous environment. In comparison to other tech hubs that maintain “tunnel vision”, New York recognizes the value in being more than a start-up hub.

However, in any environment where tech start-ups are booming, finding top talent is a major challenge to growing businesses. It’s a matter of finding the right hires to create a strong and disruptive company. That’s good news for The Leadership Agency because our MO is disruption.

As we make this exciting move across the border, we’d like to challenge other Canadian businesses to explore global market opportunities and follow us on this exciting journey!

We look forward to the beginning of a new chapter for The Leadership Agency and our clients.

Want to reach us in New York?

Our Office: 18 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011

Our Number: 646-849-2020

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