VP of Sales

A Great Leader Is...

"Keep it simple – a great leader is someone who leads from the front!"

Well, many people may not know this but I used to be a real life rock-star!

I lived out my dreams living in Los Angeles and travelling across the

USA playing rock and roll and producing records!

—  My Cool Factor  —  

I have been very fortunate when it comes to leaders. I joined a Fortune 100 company and started in their Toronto office. They relocated me to our global HQ in the UK where I trained under our Global CEO of a new division I was to launch back in Canada. Following my training overseas, I was relocated to North America and work directly under the North American CEO. In addition, throughout my

5-year tenure I was monthly mentored and trained by the Global CEO of the overall company.

These 3 leaders shaped my entire sales philosophy and methodology.

I have had some big wins, developed millions of dollars, and worked with some of the world’s top C-level executives in my career but getting married and having my beautiful baby girl is the big winner! Hands down!

I led my first band. I led my first company which was a cleaning company. I led my musical career.

I led my team within a number of companies, but to pinpoint when I first led depends on the perspective. I guess another way of putting it would be “ When did I first feel like a leader? ”

This would be easier to answer. I truly felt like a leader when someone looked to me for advice and I was able to help them achieve their goal or influence them to make the right decision.

Everyone is a leader first but some lead from different perspectives. There are leaders that have a great ability to influence others by telling them what to do. On the other hand, there are leaders who help you get to the same result by leading with the right questions ( this is a learned skill ).

I think recruiting chose me. My skill set and passion for business development can be applicable to any industry, but when you align yourself with the right brand and team it’s easy to answer why I am here.

I remember when I recorded my first demo with my band, I was not happy with the production of the record so I decided to go to school and learn how to do it myself. I studied Audio Engineering in Stoney Creek, Ont.

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