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A Great Leader Is...

"A great leader is someone who has a clear vision of what they want to achieve and a plan on how to deliver results. Someone who is able to unite different perspectives and ideas into one cohesive plan for success."

I'm a cooking and baking enthusiast. I swear by homemade Italian tomato sauce and chewy chocolate chip cookies..with pecans! 

Ask me for a recipe!

—  My Cool Factor  —  

If two people have ever impacted my life in the most meaningful way- they would be my parents. My dad had a vision of a bright future for his kids and it would change my life and enable all the success I have had thus far. They are both an example of the  courage and sacrifice necessary to lead in life and in my career.

My biggest achievement was completing my undergraduate thesis in my last year of university. This experience challenged me intellectually, personally, and put my motivation to the test. I learned how to be resourceful, to be smart with time and to be a good presenter. 

I organized my own student council campaign in high school for a secretary position. I coordinated with my friends and my sister at the time to put together banners and flyers around school. 

I believe that each person has unique  leadership characteristics that become stronger and more obvious the more experiences they have.  As individuals progress in life, the sum of their experiences is what drives them to be strong leaders - being exposed to different ideas, different personalities, knowing what to anticipate. This kind of wisdom only comes with time. 

I chose to be in recruitment because I love connecting with people, and learning about their backgrounds and experiences. This role will allow me to use my skills in building rapport, proper questioning techniques etc., not to mention it will also be an outlet for me to express who I am. 

I went to school for Psychology at Queen's University. Go Gaels Go!

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