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Account Manager


What is it about startups that you can't get enough of?  

I love the innovation of start-ups and the incredible opportunity for personal growth and development! In their early stages you are able to help make a lasting impact on the business.

What is your proudest achievement to date?

Hiring, opening, and operating 2 stores for a US retailer making their way into Canada for the first time, all in the same year. It was a new area of retail that myself, and a lot of my team hadn't worked in before. Our preparedness helped us to have one of the best opening days in the company to date.

What is the best professional advice you have ever received?

Give yourself a real opportunity to try something new before offering feedback or being too critical. In startups and new businesses, you have to be adaptable to change. Not every new idea or process is going to be successful, but trying it out gives you the chance to give more productive and constructive feedback.

If I wasn't so damn good at my job, I'd be...

Doing interior design and home renovations. I've had so much fun playing with colours and textures in the redesigning of my home.

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