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Are you a Leader or an Executive?

I challenge you to ask the top three leaders you know if they consider themselves to be a leader or an executive? Then ask them which they would rather be.…

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How to Get Your Dream Job!

There was a story that was widely shared and talked about a couple of weeks ago, when Shark Tank member and billionaire Mark Cuban speculated that “creative thinking” would be the most in-demand job skill of the next decade. The rationale being that we will need problem solvers, people who can come up with innovative […]

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Can Your Employment Brand Compete with Google?

Can you compete with Google? Well, okay, of course not. Certainly, not in the search engine business. Hello, Bing. But we are talking recruitment. Even if you are not as well known as the big brands, you can still compete for top talent by understanding what leaders really want, and knowing how to communicate what […]

Can your recruiter sell?

My advice, get to you know your recruiter, but better yet, get to know whether or not they can sell?! A couple of years ago, I caught an interview with…

Do You Know How to Compete for Top Talent?

To attract great people, you have to know what they’re looking for. People have different needs and wants at various phases throughout their careers.