Who is/was your most impactful leader?

My former swimming coach Cecil Russell. Cecil owns and manages his own swim club with hundreds of swimmers. His high-performance training model is central to the clubs success and has produced two Olympic athletes. At a young age Cecil encouraged a mature mindset and taught me to be my own person. His coaching shaped my life as a whole and I would not be the person I am today without his guidance. His tough love approach taught me to take responsibility for my successes and failures, to step-up to challenges rather than quit, and to be accountable for my own goals – among many other things!

What is your cool factor?

I find heavy rock music very soothing. I also enjoy designing and sewing clothes (but I can’t sew with patterns for my life).

What’s been your biggest achievement?

Competitive swimming for 13 years while studying a full course load. Winning an Ontario bronze in my last year with the McMaster women’s team was a huge highlight of this journey.

What do you think makes a great leader?

I think that a great leader is someone who usually has these five key elements: an inspired vision, charisma, grit, compassion, and ability.

What was the first thing you led?

In high school I organized and led a charity drive for World Animal Protection. It was quite an undertaking but in the end it was a huge success and I raised more than my target!

Do you think leaders are born or made?

I think natural talent can help people lead, but life-changing experiences and overcoming challenges enables someone to become a leader. I think that these things are needed to inspire a vision and instill passion for the cause.

Why recruitment?

I enjoy connecting with people and having a fast-paced non-routine workday. I also like helping others achieve their ambitions and attain fulfillment in their own lives. Recruitment lines up perfectly with these things so I knew it would be great for me.

What did you go to school for?

I went to school for honors bachelor of commerce at McMaster with a minor in economics.

What is something unique about you most people don’t know?

I enjoy playing video games and I want to own an emu, fennec fox, and a little owl (Athene Noctua) along with many doggies in my lifetime!