What is your cool factor
I am a Phish fan and love listening to their jam music as a way to turn off and relax.

Who is/was your most impactful leader
Buddha. His story inspires millions of people all over the world to have the courage to find strength from within and to lead a life of compassion. He was also a leader in the importance of mindfulness and equality for woman thousands of years ago.

What was the first thing you led
When I was eight I led a team of fellow cub scouts selling apples to raise money for charity.

Do you think leaders are born or made
I think everyone has the potential to lead if they have the courage to try, the willingness to continually learn, and the opportunity and support to succeed.

Why did you choose to get into recruitment
I have been fortunate to experience leadership and success at both a global fortune 50 company and at a successful technology start-up. Now I see the opportunity to leverage that collective experience to help companies find or promote the right people to succeed and grow as leaders in their organizations.

Something unique about you most people don’t know
I like to refinish old furniture.

What’s been your biggest achievement as a leader
Having an opportunity to grow a leadership team through a combination of promoting people from within and by hiring proven leaders from other organizations. Watching that team succeed and grow after moving on is one of my proudest achievements.

What do you look forward to most everyday
Everyday I look forward to learning something new, particularly from my two little girls.

What’s been your biggest fail as a leader
Early in my career I failed to see the leadership potential in people that were already on my team. Often leaders are hiding in plain sight waiting to be found, and this was a valuable lesson to learn.

What do you think makes a great leader
Great leaders exhibit courage in the face of adversity and they know why they do what they do, and prioritize that over what they do and how they do it.